About Camille Moritz

Founder, 7th Ray Crystals & Heaven On Earth Just for Being
Revelator • Activator • Way-Shower
Spiritual Medium • Restorer of Divine Light

As a Spiritual Healer and Facilitator of Unlimited Potential for Health, Wholeness, and Well-Being.

Regeneration, Restoration and Spontaneous Healing may be experienced through DNA Light Activation, Cellular Healing and Clearing the Souls Records. Much healing occurs through the Light of Divine Mother as Spiritualization of Matter. 

As a Revelator of Light and Truth, Spiritual Messages or Wisdom from beyond the physical dimension may be revealed.

Camille has a vast intuitive awareness and ability to deliver messages, codes, symbols and information from Multi-Dimensional Realms. Spiritual Messages may be delivered from Cosmic, Celestial, Elemental, Animals, Angels, Guides and Loved ones who have passed over. Camille hears answers, and so ask Questions.


Camille's Brief Bio

Camille's Brief Bio

Camille Moritz is a Revelator of Light, Activator, Way-Shower, Psychic, Spiritual Medium, Crystal Healer and Remover of Obstacles for Fulfilling Life. She is a channel for Divine Mother and the karmic Board of record keepers. Camille is the author of the Easy Golden Age Play-Book titled, “Heaven On Earth, Just For Being, Light Activation Play-Book” A conscious co-creation ascension manual, heralding in the Golden Age of Enlightenment.
Camille has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Graduate Studies in Jungian Archetypal Psychotherapy & Body Centered Therapies. She has been a 15-year clinical case manager in traditional centers and has been providing Spiritual, Psychic, Intuitive Readings, and Transformational Soul Healing sessions for more than 20 years.