Camille's Story

I was born an empath with intuitive and psychic knowing. Raised on Lazy Mountain in the rich rural farmland of Palmer, Alaska, the animals, trees, nature spirits and plants were her friends. 

I was taught transcendental meditation at the age of 5 and received valuable instruction from a family friend who was an Athabaskan Spiritualist.

She taught me how to protect myself at night by speaking the Lord’s Prayer guiding  and me to call my Higher- Self to keep me safe, by astral projecting to the higher realms of angelic celestial light at night. She taught me to intentionally visualize color and light around others for healing-love so to shift the empathic experience of sensing their pain.

This was the most precious gift, as I spent my entire over-stimulating, elementary school time visualizing color and chanting tones in my mind. 

I had repetitive prophetic dreams about the “end of the world or the great shift” and my part to share wisdom in these times.  Too further understand this inner knowing, I began reading Edger Casey at age 12 and anything else I could find in the esoteric arts.  

I began giving Tarot Readings and offered a mini informational class about Tarot to the local Emblem Club at age 18. Despite these natural abilities I found personal human interaction to at times be overwhelming, challenging and even painful.

I would often avoid groups and public gatherings.  Seeking solace with animals, children and nature.

Enrolling in college to gain knowledge and wisdom for this inner guidance of sacred purpose. I went on to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Alaska, Anchorage.  Then enrolled in a specialized Graduate program in Jungian Archetypal and Body Centered Therapies. 

While jumping full on into family life, I raised three children and now have three grandchildren.

In service to Humanity and One Love, I began my career in social service organizations.  Spending time as activities therapist, residential counselor, correctional officer in a maximum security prison and many years as a clinical case manager of both children and adults in numerous settings, implementing, coordinating, teaching and providing therapeutic services. 

Over time the inner-urge to create a Multi-Dimensional Metaphysical Spiritual Healing Center increased.

I branched out to open a small Metaphysical Healing Center in Homer, Alaska, Something To Believe In, a metaphysical gift store and informational center specializing in divine gifts and the intuitive arts.

The Mission is to encourage a meaningful/purposeful life,  and to promote personal growth by offering unique gifts and tools for personal transformation, relaxation, intuition and contemplation.   Because everyone needs Something to Believe In!

The Intuitive work become so steady that I closed the retail store to continue with the spiritual work and guidance of teaching Self-Empowerment, Spiritual Development and how to Co-Create Heaven on Earth, Just For Being.

Through spiritual development and a personal relationship with Higher-Self, Spirit, it brings me great joy to serve the One Unified Love. As a representative of the celestial elemental realm’s, Divine Mother, Council of Record Keepers, and Unified Team-Light & Team-Dark.

The Golden Age of Enlightenment is Now and it is time to Awaken and walk the Golden Path of Eternal Peace, Love and Harmony.  All are Sacred. All is Love.